Clarifying Pore Minimizer


Botanical infused alcohol-free toner with salicylic and glycolic acids removes dead skin buildup to brighten skin luminosity and correct breakouts and pore appearance while improving skin texture. Helps minimize shaving bumps for smoother appearance. Excellent exfoliator for sensitive skin that cannot tolerate stronger peel products.



pH 3.5 for enhanced dead cell removal

Calms skin inflammation and razor bumps (beard and bikini areas)

Helps refine skin texture & pores Ideal toner for all but very sensitive or inflamed rosacea skin types


Featured Ingredients

5% Glycolic Acid: Clears away dead cells on the skin surface to even tone, increase luminosity and vibrancy (helping to clean and refine appearance of skin).

Salicylic Acid: This is a _beta-hydroxy acid_, and a relative of glycolic acid that penetrates well into pores, effectively dissolving oil & debris, minimizing shaving bumps and acne lesions. Kola, Matte and Guarana: Skin calming botanical extracts to minimize any redness or stinging from acid combination


How to Use After cleansing, apply evenly to skin with cotton pad, twice daily.

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